From left to right: Search Saison, Pale Ale, Vine Shine IPA, and Black Wheat

Year Round Beers

Search Saison, 5.5%

Fermented in our oak Foeder with Brettanomyces, Search Saison is a rustic saison with notes of white wine.

Low Visibility Pale Ale, 4.8%

New Zealand and American hops bring out notes of citrus and tropical fruit in this hop-forward crushable ale.

Vine Shine IPA, 6.5%

This beer was inspired by both East and West coast IPAs. Drawing its dank piney hop character from the West, and its smooth light bitterness, along with its dry "crushabilty" from the East, Vine Shine combines both styles to make a truly unique IPA.

Limited Releases: We brew limited release beers for cans and draft quite often. Please check out our social medial pages for updates on new beers and can release info.